Stock Picking & Goods-In System

A flexible system that helps to reduce errors by automating logistics operations to improve stock identification and picking efficiencies while managing goods into stock.

The Infonote Stock Picking & Goods-In System comprises many core components as well as optional integrated modules designed for specific logistics tasks or business models.

  • Picking App
  • Stock Control & Goods-in App
  • Administration portal to manage customer orders
  • Integration Hub for third-party solutions, e.g. SAP, Route Planning, etc.

In addition to providing business-wide logistics and stock level visibility in real time, the system will coordinate technology solutions that streamline operations to increase accuracy, capacity and productivity. When managed correctly, technology provides greater levels of automation in warehousing operations and distribution centres:

  • Voice recognition & control
  • Palm gloves
  • Other hands-free enhancements
  • Scanning
  • Robotic handlers

Low cost of entry

The Infonote Stock Picking & Goods-In System is the ideal entry point for low to medium scale distribution centres looking to streamline their automation and control processes. The Infonote system connects and integrates with ERP and other third-party solutions. Organisations that use those will know that having the platform providers develop custom functions or add operational enhancements can prove prohibitive. That’s where the Infonote solution offers substantial cost, timescale and efficiency savings.

The affordable Android-based Infonote App solution is optimised for portability, familiarity and ease of use. And delivers a much faster return on investment. The Android platform also enables straightforward scalability and plug-in style functional modularity, allowing smaller logistics companies and supply chain SMEs to quickly expand control of operations and fulfilment processes to meet rising demand, manage new lines or business channels and adapt to unpredictable events.