Appointment Manager

Automate your diary system to manage appointments across multiple clients, suppliers and service providers.

The Infonote Appointment manager comprises an intuitive (web ??) dashboard and a series of Apps that work together. Use these automated resources to:

  • set up appointments
  • allocate meeting lengths
  • account for travel times
  • cater for staff holidays or shortages
  • accommodate predefined working hours
  • close off sections of the diary
  • and much more

Appointment elements need to be flexible, so App configuration is important. That’s why the Appointment Manager is fully configurable. It ensures that providers and suppliers’ representatives attending the appointments remain fully briefed and updated with any last-minute changes.

The Infonote Appointment Manager links to our Lead Genie software to pull qualified enquires directly into the diary system and automatically allocate appropriate suppliers and resources to the enquiry.

Communication is key for appointments. Appointment Manager keeps communications effective whether for in person or online appointments:

  • hooks into the mobile phone SMS (text) system
  • keep enquirers up to date with appointment schedules by text
  • keep suppliers up to date with appointment schedules by text
  • issues timely reminders to all parties
  • allows the person who requested the appointment to cancel

While the Appointment Manager is a connected system between its Apps, dashboard, scheduler and even integrates a customer’s CRM, it is available as a purely stand-alone appointment management solution.