Quotation Wizard

A variety of context-sensitive questions that you can define, edit and tailor to help fine-tune an online enquiry about anything.

Connectable to our Lead Genie software, the Infonote Quotation Wizard lets you set up the requirements and parameters you need to obtain all the information required from an online enquirer to instantly create an accurate quotation. For example, a carpet supplier might require room dimensions, style and colour preferences. A window provider will want sizes, colours and preferences for the frame materials and perhaps even the type of glazing.

The Quotation Wizard also integrates with the Appointment Manager to automate the next step of the sales process as soon as an enquiry containing the required information is received.

Pricing estimates and firm quotations can be automatically generated:

  • via data pulled from a database built into the Quotation Wizard
  • via data pulled directly from a supplier’s own database

Can include relevant details to a product or service type:

  • product availability
  • lead times
  • order options and extras
  • delivery options
  • and more

As more elements and extras are added by the enquirer, price estimates update automatically to give a running total order cost.

With the Quotation Wizard App available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play store, customers making the enquiry can use their smartphone cameras to take measurements and submit these dimensions via the App.

Automation via the Infonote Quotation Wizard puts the customer in control and goes a long way towards reducing the burden on call centre operatives by automatically recording the detailed information needed to generate an accurate estimate or quotation.

The software can be used instead of a call centre for first-line enquiry data capture and automation, with ‘exception management’ options built-in to facilitate personal call centre engagement where needed or preferred.