Waste Collection

A solution to track and validate waste services. Especially useful for critical monitored and tracked waste services.

The Infonote Waste Collection system is ideal for waste businesses that must adhere to compliance regulations and need to be audited.

  • Proves that waste was collected
  • Details the correct volume recorded and transported
  • Confirms correct and appropriate disposal
  • Documented to regulatory standards


Documentation and auditable evidence are business-critical functions for many companies, for example in medical waste collection and disposal operations where traceability is mandated.

Provides a chain of ownership for collected waste that details:

  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Regulatory traceability


The field operation is based on scanning QR codes and barcodes to eliminate the need for the error-prone process of operators entering data manually. Instead, the Waste Collection system automatically brings that data directly into the App.