Data Migration Services

Infonote can assist with the data migration between applications and differing databases or file types. We recognise the vital importance of data sources within a business.

For many companies, data is a tangible business asset, hence the importance that we place on maintaining that source and ensuring you can backup, access and export the data at a moment’s notice.

Taking care with your data 

Looking after your data is a key part of building value in your business. 

Data Migration

We provide a range of data migration services. Migration of data should be possible from any existing database to a new database structure. Whatever your mapping, sorting, exporting or importing data needs, we can help.

lotus to sql mappingLotus Notes mapping to SQL

Lotus Notes or IBM notes is a document orientated database and is not a relational or object orientated database like SQL. With Notes development at a standstill, businesses are seeking alternatives. We can map the Notes database to a relational database like SQL using our in-house tools.

Access to SQLAccess database to SQL

Moving completely from Access to SQL database? Need something more capable? We have the tools available to migrate your existing database to SQL. Generally, Access database applications are limited by the size (limited to 1GN of data), the number of users and the number of simultaneous connections.

export to CSVExport to CSV

Downloading to a CSV file allows you to move that data to almost any application. CSV uploads are widely used by technology companies and solution providers. We can help export the data from sources without an export function into a user friendly CSV format.

Making the most of your data

We provide you with the tools, support and expertise to make the most of your business data.