Carer Training System

A flexible, interactive online learning and competency assessment system for carers who work with children in NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare Organisations.

The interactive Infonote Carer Training System meets the specific needs of NHS Trusts and Care Commission regulators in expanding the reach of tailored training resources to support the care of children and young adults. It improves the training, enhances the educational experience and provides validation of nurses and carers of all levels.

The Carer Training System operates as a secure training portal. It allows NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare Enterprises to migrate training away from cumbersome and inconsistent paper-based procedures onto a traceable digital platform. Training data, course materials and competency records are consolidated centrally yet are accessible remotely.

Fast & flexible in-house content creation.

Unlike many portal systems that require content to be created by the portal provider, the Infonote Carer Training System is designed to enable that content to be created and uploaded in-house by the Trust or Enterprise’s own qualified trainers and management staff. Or by any authorised person granted access permission. Even across NHS Trusts, training content is often unique to the particular carer community. With this efficient operational model, material that’s tailored specifically to the users’ exact needs can be delivered quickly.

The option of in-house training resource creation eliminates the delays often encountered in uploading new training materials and updating existing resources, increasing department effectiveness and providing full administrative control to reduce costs.

As a responsive web application, users can access the Carer Training System from any location on a variety of devices. This allows flexibility in where and when training can be undertaken and validation obtained.

Twin applications manage content and users.

The Carer Training System portal consists of two complementary software applications.

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)


Content Management System (CMS)

  • Intuitive suite for uploading, categorising and managing media
  • Allows video, audio, image and text content
  • Questions & Answers to create bespoke training modules
  • Forms a Workbook comprising validation questions to verify a user’s understanding and clinical competency
  • Hierarchical security ensures access only to information and training modules relevant a role and area of expertise


A Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Provides users with day-to-day access to available training programs
  • Allows users to complete the requisite learning modules
  • Provides functionality for trainers to sign off and certify users who achieve the high standard required
  • Verifies that users can deliver the correct level of care on a patient-by-patient basis.
  • Automated workflow notifies trainers and managers when training has been completed
  • Informs on training outcomes
  • Allows interactive feedback and guidance where required

Third-party access, subscriptions and billing.

The administrative management functions of the Carer Training System allow the organisation to manage and integrate training courses and subscription payments from third-party users who are approved to use the system.

Automated for training consistency and integrity.

Trainers can assess, record notes, approve as competent and notify carers via the portal. An automated renewal process reminds carers when training is due, or when course content has been updated, to ensure that high standards are maintained. The automatic notification process provides completion dates and will escalate to the management team in cases where timely training is not carried out.

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