Infonote Support

Our core business is the development of business-critical applications, mobile apps and third-party plugins. For each of these we offer a tailored software support service. What’s more, we will support and maintain your software throughout its life cycle, even if we didn’t build it.

Technology and software play a pivotal role in business today. As such Maintenance and Support are a vital part of business continuity planning, ensuring your applications allow your business to continue to function regardless of the situation.

At Infonote Datasystems, we believe that Support is also about future planning, not just about having the reassurance of a support service for when things go wrong. It’s about looking ahead with an innovative partner who can continue to support your wider business strategy and objectives.

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Not sure what type of support you need? Call the team on 01858 467746 and we will do our best to help you create your own support plan. Alternatively use the contact form by following the link above….

Emergency SupportEmergency

For clients without any contract support provision in place for their business applications, but with an immediate business critical support need.  Emergency support process includes:

  1. Immediate review of the support issue.
  2. Review of the source code.
  3. Update on the cause and options to fix.
  4. Fix applied, tested and deployed.
  5. Post deployment review with the client.

Contract SupportContract

Contract support provides the reassurance of knowing that you have technical support for the really key business applications that are a fundamental component of the business delivering its services or products. This service is based on a fixed annual cost. Our contract support service includes:

  1. Agreed fixed response time.
  2. Help-desk support facilities.
  3. Phone support assistance.
  4. Test system setup.
  5. Direct access to developers.
  6. Strategy support, quarterly reviews.

Adhoc SupportAd-hoc

Ad-hoc support is an occasional support service providing the client with a ‘go to’ contact for software support issues. Designed for applications that are not front line or fundamentally delivering key products and services, this service includes an annual service charge for any test systems with all support work charged at a pre-agreed hourly/daily rate. Ad-hoc support service includes:

  1. Help-desk support facilities.
  2. Direct access to developers.
  3. A test system and source code set up in place.
  4. Strategy support, annual review.

Tailored Maintenance & Support

Ensuring you have the right support in place to exceed your customers expectations.

As bespoke software development specialists, we are not here just for when things go wrong, we see our role as a supporting partner, adding value and expertise into your technology planning and decision making process. Building a strategy that ensures the solutions you have in place will grow with your business, suit your needs and continue to add value.

We pride ourselves in having one of the most experienced development teams within our industry. We’re capable of handling complex business requirements, and develop bespoke solutions to the highest standards. Find out more about us here.

We are committed to working closely with our clients, which is why our team of developers are the ones who provide our customers with ongoing support. There is no one else better informed to support your business and your ongoing development needs than those who have worked with you to create your business solution.

Once we’ve deployed your solution, we don’t walk away. We are here for you and will continue to provide you with the dedicated support you need as the software and your business continues to grow and evolve.