Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

LIMS is the ideal control solution for managing the complexities of data, communications, human and physical resources across laboratory environments.

The Infonote Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a configurable cloud-based software package designed specifically for complex data and human resource interactions centred around a laboratory environment and outwards across the necessary related departments and into supporting business functions. LIMS transforms the management of digital assets in lab research and biopsy testing settings.

It allows workloads to be directed to the teams and individuals with the right skills.

As a fully configurable system, LIMS can be extended with modules that integrate individual processes specific to a laboratory’s operations and business model. Bespoke modules can be created and integrated into LIMS to provide special user or business-specific functions.

Core LIMS modules

  • Case Manager
  • Training Matrix: records staff training
  • Reagent Database: monitors and documents the use of reagents in pathology

Optional LIMS modules

  • Health & Safety
  • Contractor Management
  • Stock Control

Consistent Data & Procedures

All LIMS case data is consistent, held in one place, searchable and always traceable. LIMS records all procedures and provides an auditable documented history. Operators and researchers, lab managers, outside consultants and other business stakeholders and users can be granted levels of secure access specific to the task or process to be undertaken. Lab operators can record cases with dates and other test metrics. Consultants can access cases remotely for diagnosis. Financial controllers can monitor expenditure and LIMS can be interfaced with business accounting packages.

LIMS security is built in. All data is encrypted and user access at any level requires two-factor authentication or optionally multi-factor authentication. Additional security measures can be integrated and customised to suit the client’s exact needs. Using cloud functionality, LIMS offers virtually unlimited data storage capacity.

LIMS can be tailored to a specific laboratory, medical, clinical or bioresearch business. Infonote Datasystems developers take time to understand the exact need of clients and will configure the LIMS package accordingly.