Lead Genie

Sales lead management software that can operate across a network of Business to Consumer websites to automate enquiries in scale.

Managing enquires from individuals that originate on websites can be automated with the Infonote Lead Genie. Lead Genie automatically qualifies leads:

  • by category
  • by sales value
  • by enquiry type
  • by geographic region
  • and more

Lead Genie’s automation allows sales lead businesses and enquiry handling services to direct and deliver optimised and pre-qualified sales prospects to the organisations and service providers best suited to fulfil the enquirer’s needs. It means that consumers enjoy a timely and relevant experience from appropriate suppliers.

The flexible Lead Genie software continues to evolve with new functions added regularly. Using a variety of APIs, Lead Genie can also connect to a supplier’s CRM system.

In addition, Lead Genie links to the optional Infonote Appointments Manager [internal link] software to provide automated diary management across multiple clients and suppliers.

Lead Genie is in widespread use in B2C environments, automatically handling online enquiries in the home improvement, residential care home, funeral planning and ??? sectors, with a supplier base in some sales lead handling operations covering more than 2,000 organisations.