Radio app development in the news

Radio app development

Its always nice to get a mention in the press. In this case about our radio app development service,  courtesy of the team at Jubilee Hospital Radio and the press in Guernsey.

Radio app development background

Infonote have been supplying Free radio apps for community radio stations since 2010. Available on both iOS and Android devices we currently have 27 stations, based across the UK, using the service in some form and we always welcome more enquiries. There are approx 40 000 song requests made using our radio app service and listener numbers continue to grow week by week. Available across the world the apps have listeners in all four corners of the globe.

Unlike conventional mainstream radio apps ours is a bit more interactive. Not only can you listen to your favourite tunes, share the station on social media and catch up on local news,  this app allows the listener to select tracks and make requests directly to the studio.


Our very own local station, Harborough FM based in Market Harborough was the first. We wanted to support them and as a result of our expertise developing apps and software we  could see that smartphone app usage was increasing, was more engaging and this would help them reach a wider local audience.  With a government remit to “operate for the good of members of the public, or of particular communities, and in order to deliver social gain”,community radio stations are leading the way in engaging their communities, but often have limited resources with which to achieve this.  Aside from the broadcasts on the station themselves, community radio stations are albeing encouraged to find new ways of communicating with their listeners and of encouraging more feedback. The apps ticked this box , we approached HFM in 2010 and we’ve not looked back.

Who currently has an app

6Towns, Academy FM, Ambur radio, Angel Radio, Apple FM, BRFM, Chorley Hospital Radio, Community Voice FM, Crescent Radio, East London, Hayes FM, HFM, Jubilee Hospital Radio, KCC, Kemet, Maghull, Mighty Southport, Moorlands, Phoenix, Plymouth, Radio JCOM, Radio Warrington, SeasideFM, Sunny Govan, Takeover, Tameside & the Hub.

If you know a community radio station that may be interested, they can talk to us about an app for their station. Call us or get in touch via