Want to deploy the digital advantage in your business?

In our view, it’s all about workflow. That’s where you start. Then you build from there.

If you want to add a meaningful “digital advantage” to your business to get ahead of the competition, begin by looking at your processes and scope out ways in which your workflow could be improved. 

It’s a sure-fire way to identify bottlenecks, areas of weakness or ambiguity in what gets done by whom and by when, and what we call “open ended” processes where there’s no discernible end point or a timescale for completion. These are the things that hinder productivity. And many can be resolved or eased simply and reliably with straightforward software solutions. We know because we develop those solutions – and more importantly, we use them ourselves. 

On a basic level, a digital advantage can be the lynchpin to making your business more efficient and productive, which will lead directly to greater profitability. Streamlining workflow processes is a smart way to deliver the same service more effectively using intelligent software to reduce human resources and boost business.

Start by focusing on the service. What service do you provide? How could it be better? What would it take to achieve that. Chances are that pondering the latter with throw up the spectre of more resources, not less. So that’s the next challenge. Some lateral thinking, perhaps. How can we do that with less? How can a level of automation shoulder the workload burden? We can help you with that.

How about creating an opportunity to scale your business – what you already do – to service new markets? The resources you already have in place are likely to be sufficient to begin that journey. So the result could be much more revenue for not much more investment.

We think a good example is Amazon. Jeff Bezos’s business originally started as a book seller. It’s pretty clear now that he had a far bigger aspiration from the outset but that was arguably only visible to him and his top management team in the infant Amazon days. 

No one is suggesting you aspire to topple Amazon from its market dominance or even match the organisation for revenue (but huge kudos from us if you do). No, it’s about finding places where your service could be applied and be valued. And then seeking solutions that let you address that new sector efficiently, without adding more resources.

Even a simple database can handle simultaneous connections and enquiries, reporting back on these accurately and constantly without delay 24/7 every day of the year, taking much of the workload off your plate. That’s the kind of workflow solution we have to hand at Infonote. And we have the proven expertise in customising software to create bespoke solutions that meet your exact needs and the goals you set for your business to achieve more with less. It starts with a conversation. Let’s have that chat.