A quarter of a century has whizzed by!

25 years in business
25 years in business

Tempus fugit. None more so than when you’ve had your head down running, managing and growing a business. Our business, in this case. This past January, we reached the 25-year milestone for Infonote.

Yes, it really is a quarter of a century since we started Infonote Datasystems Ltd. Unsurprisingly, a lot has changed in the software development market since 1998. For example, it was the year that Google was founded, and Apple Apple iMac launched in 1998unveiled the iMac. A lesser-known tech event was that the Galaxy IV communications satellite failed, leaving up to 90 percent of the US’s pager users without service. Pagers! Remember them?!

Yet a lot remains the same, at least in principle. For instance, our values haven’t changed. And nor have the expectations of our clients. We think that 25 years in business provides some kind of evidence that we’re doing the right things and continuing to deliver on those expectations. And we plan to keep on doing so.

As we post this blog, snow flurries are drifting past the windows of our Market Harborough HQ. So it seems like an appropriate moment to announce that we will be organising a ‘gathering’ to celebrate Infonote’s 25-year anniversary when the British weather perks up. We’ll post more details here later in the Spring.